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Video: ‘Eternally Faithful’ Trailer

Here is the trailer for “Eternally Faithful”, a Swedish television series about the men who live for their team and defend their colors into the death. Above all it is a depiction of life behind the organized fights. Who are these men? What do their families? What

Everton fans assaulted by hooligans in unprovoked attack

Everton fans were attacked by up to 100 hooligans outside a bar in Lille ahead of their Europa League tie this evening, reports the Liverpool Echo. Video The fans were in an Australian bar as the unprovoked attack happened and the brawl resulted in a number of injuries

Hammarby – Sirius 28.09.2014 – 15 Years Of Ultras

Amazing Ultras/Tifo Display From Sweeden Celebrating 15 Years Of Ultras #NoPyroNoParty Would you like to see more of this in Britain? Comment via our facebook page. Article Continues Below Article Continues Below Article Continues Below Videos