sky stole the soul

Theres no doubt about it, Money is ruining football, and who is to blame? Sky!

Football has well and truly changed since the invention of the Premier League and the broadcasting of games on live television, but its the power companies like Sky have over football that is really ruining the game. Imagine you’ve made it to the premier league, you’re a small town club who haven’t played the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal , Chelsea in a long time and you’re looking forward to the fixtures coming out so you can plan your long journey to watch you’re beloved team play one of the big boys.  Only to your surprise, after booking your weekend away, you find out that money grabbing sky have moved your game to a Monday night, with no hope of getting there to watch your beloved team play because if work or other commitments. This along with the mass amounts of money pumped into the game by televising live games has let do the decline in enjoyment of football for your average fan like you or me.

Millions of people from around the world tune in to the Premier League each week hoping to catch a glimpse of their footballing heroes.

The world is fanatical about football and because of this television companies have incredible power over the game, especially in England.


Television companies in England now have the right to move the kick-off of games to whatever time they wish. The old 3PM kick-off on a Saturday afternoon is now a dinosaur. Most of the big games now take place on Sunday afternoon.

If you’re in England you have to subscribe to two satellite/cable channels if you want to see all the live Premier League games. However a terrestrial channel does carry a highlights show but you see very little of your sides game unless your side are playing Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool.


The rise of the television company’s power in England also looks to have had an effect on gates across the country. Some of the Premier League games now have awful attendance figures. You look at some of the smaller teams in the league and despite the television money they could do with a few more spectators coming through the turnstiles.

With the television money has came overspending on wages and transfer fees. This has proved a big problem at Portsmouth. They are a relatively small club compared to a lot of their rivals in the league.

Yet because they thought they had the television money to fall back on they spent what they couldn’t afford and now could go out of existence. Obviously the television companies can’t be blamed for poor financial management, but would Pompey have overspent if they didn’t know they had the TV money coming at the start of each season?

If they survive this season, then next season they will have to rely on parachute payments in the Championship. The same sort of thing happened at Leeds United and its taken them six years and two relegation’s to get anywhere near back to steadying the ship.


Even games from League One and Two have been televised live on television in recent weeks. These lower league clubs depend on people coming to the games and the fans are the lifeblood of these smaller clubs. They may receive decent money for the cameras being at the game but I’m sure they would prefer fans at the game.


One thing that would make me feel better about paying those subscription fees would be for the money to be spread around the leagues. So that the grass roots of English football would actually benefit from the enormous amount of cash that the television company’s receive from viewers.

Instead the company directors line their own pockets. I would also like the Premier League clubs to receive less money from these companies and the money going to developing the game further down the pyramid.

However naive this notion is on my part, it would make the Premier League clubs take a serious look at their finances. In these days of financial trouble and poor management that would be no bad thing.

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