Section Five are mainly located in the Smethwick End stand. They are known for their involvement in violent clashes with supporters of rival teams, especially with local clubs Wolverhampton Wanderers, Birmingham City and above all Aston Villa. A history of trouble has also existed with Walsall, Cardiff City, Swansea City, Leeds United, Manchester United, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Derby County, Sheffield United, Coventry City, Stoke City, Bristol City and Burnley.

Sons of Albion

In 2002, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters met up in Amsterdam ahead of the England vs. Holland game. Over 50 men fought in the town centre, a conflict that was captured on CCTV. Footage showed a number of Wolves fans throwing bottles into a pub and waiting outside. West Bromwich Albion then ran out of the pub and attacked the Wolves hooligans.

Also in 2004, West Bromwich Albion’s Section 5 met up with Cardiff City’s Soul Crew in a massive brawl in Cardiff. As Section 5 was getting an escort to the ground, several men broke through the police line and charged at the Soul Crew.

On 22 August 2004, up to 80 West Brom and Aston Villa fans fought a pitched battle, with some using baseball bats, wooden posts, bricks, glasses and iron bars, at the Uplands pub, in Handsworth after a game against Aston Villa. Eight people were injured.  The organised fight led to the conviction of 60 hooligans (23 from West Brom and 37 from Aston Villa) at Birmingham Crown Court on 5 December 2006. 58 received football banning orders with prison sentences of up to 21 months.


West Brom v Cardiff 2004 – (Not great quality but good footage)

West Brom v Walsall 2004