Panorama 1977: Millwall FC Hooligans

IN 1977, Millwall FC’s fans were the subject of a BBC Panorama documentary. Terrace hard nuts like The Halfway Line, the Treatment and the F-Troop, were glamorised. You want to make the club from the Second Division club form south-east London famous, then stick the fans on the magic box and get a public school anthropologist to take the viewers on a journey int their heart of darkness. Nowadays you might laugh at the class-laden voiceover. You might well chortle when around the 6minute 23second mark the Millwall fan looks forward to the visit of North London club Tottenham Hotspur. He says he won’t “take it from no Northerner”.


A Milwall supporter (3rd r), with blood pouring from an eye wound, is led away for treatment by a companion from the Den, New Cross, London, aFter football violence. Police and Millwall supporters fought a running battle during the Millwall v Ipswich Town FA cup 6th round game.

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Millwall Fans Vs Police

Millwall Fans Vs Police. Part of the football violence which flared today between police and the notorious Millwall supporters at their FA Cup 6th round tie against Ipswich Town at the Den, New Cross, London. Ipswich won the Game 6-1.

Chelsea v Millwall

Fighting spectators befor the start of Chelsea’s League Division Two promotion battle against Millwall at Stamford Bridge.

Police in Action at Chelsea.

Police in Action at Chelsea. A Policeman escorts a young fan nursing an injured head at Stamford Bridge, where rioting spectators spilled over the barriers before the start of Chelsea’s League Division Two promotion battle against London rivals Millwall.

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