Best (and Worst) Value Season Tickets Revealed – Championship

According to research by Betfred the best (and worst) value season tickets for the 22/23 season have been revealed. The study takes the cheapest adult season ticket price and works out a ‘Cost per win’ price based on the amount of home wins each team had.

We’ve ranked each championship season ticket from worst to best in terms of value.


24. Wigan Athletic

Unsurprisingly Wigan Athletic offer the worst value with a Season ticket cost of £349 & only 5 Home wins, the cost Cost-per-win is a whopping £69.80


23.  Norwich City

Season ticket cost: £535

Home wins: 8

Cost-per-win: £66.88

22. Stoke City

Season ticket cost: £344

Home wins: 6

Cost-per-win: £57.33

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21. Blackpool

Season ticket cost: £309
Home wins: 6
Cost-per-win: £51.50 

20. Sunderland

Season ticket cost: £335
Home wins: 7
Cost-per-win: £47.86
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