Serbia – Albania 14.10.2014 Euro ’16 – Match Abandoned

Due to historical and political difference this match was announced as high risk match, and that was proven.

3500 police officers on duty and no away fans allowed. Still, Albanians find a way to provoke Serbs. 5 minutes before the end of first half, a drone (mini helicopter) with big Albanian flag appeared over theĀ  pitch of Partizan’s stadium. Angry fans could just watch it. One Serbian player finally caught it, but that wasn’t end. Albanian players tried to take flag from him and chaos started. Fight between players and few fans stormed on pitch to join brawl. Referee decide to stop the match.

Pictures and video’s below..

serbia-albania_17 serbia-albania_16 serbia-albania_15 serbia-albania_13 sr2 serbia-albania_12

serbia-albania_11 serbia-albania_10 serbia-albania_9 serbia-albania_8 serbia-albania_7 serbia-albania_5

Serbian fans managed to get a shirt from Albanian players and burn it.




serbia-albania_4 serbia-albania_6 serbia-albania_2 serbia-albania_1


Albanian national anthem


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