I.D. (1995)

Ridiculous, silly and remarkably good fun, I.D. is the cult hit of the football hooliganism sub-genre.

Reece Dinsdale is John, the cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a football gang (the supporters of Shadwell Town, no less) but ends up being seduced by the violence, becoming one of the very men he sought to bring down.

When John leaves his wife for the firm’s local publican, Saskia, you know he’s in over his head – he shags her on a table, revealing a Shadwell Town tattoo on his buttocks.

For some reason, he becomes a Neo-Nazi at the end, telling his best mate and colleague “You still don’t get it, do ya?”

No John, we didn’t. Still, those stadium-based scenes were hilarious enough to make this an entertaining watch, and the part in which John’s loyalty to the firm is questioned is genuinely tense – he escapes by insisting that, rather than being an undercover cop, he can’t read. Genius.