From the 1960s onwards, the UK had a reputation worldwide for football hooliganism was often dubbed the English Disease. Since the 1980s and well into the 1990s the UK government has led a widescale crackdown on football related violence. While football hooliganism has been a growing concern in some other European countries in recent years, British football fans now tend to have a better reputation abroad. Although reports of British football hooliganism still surface, the instances now tend to occur at pre-arranged locations rather than at the matches themselves. Here we look at the internets finest collection of old school football hooligan pictures from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Photos Copyright of their respective owners.

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Barrow Boot Boys 70's

Barrow 80's

Aston Villa 80's

Aldershot & Brighton

Aldershot & Brighton 4

Aldershot & Brighton 3

Aldershot & Brighton 2

Aberdeen Soccer Casuals

80's casual

80's casual 3

80's casual 2

Newcastle 80's 12

Newcastle 80's 11

Newcastle 80's 10

Liverpool & Newcastle

Newcastle 80's

Newcastle 80's 14

Newcastle 80's 13

Newcastle 80's 9

Newcastle 80's 8