Green Street (2005)

So you’re a Hollywood star who’s just finished shooting three of the most popular movies of all time. What do you do when it’s all gone and done? One might not be advised to take a role in a low-budget movie about West Ham hooligans, that’s for sure.

The woeful Green Street cast Lord Of The Rings’ Elijah Wood as Matt Buckner, an American student who is thrown out of Harvard for a drug offence. For whatever reason he ends up in England, where he falls in with his brother-in-law’s brother, Pete, who takes him to a Hammers game. On the way Matt proves himself by kicking Pete in the shin.

Soon enough, Matt’s a fully fledged (but rather sleight, 5’4″) member of the ‘Green Street Elite’.

Written by a former hooligan, this would be the worst kind of glamourisation (Matt’s character arc ends with him winning a fight and singing the West Ham theme tune) if it wasn’t such incompetent filmmaking.