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Referee catches Sunday league brawl on camera

You never know what you’re going to get when watching a Sunday league game, but the small crowds that gathered for the top of the table clash between FC Bridge and Ox and Gate certainly got more than they bargained for.The affair was always going to be

Video: ‘Eternally Faithful’ Trailer

Here is the trailer for “Eternally Faithful”, a Swedish television series about the men who live for their team and defend their colors into the death. Above all it is a depiction of life behind the organized fights. Who are these men? What do their families? What

Class stunt pulled by paddy power!

The guys at Paddy Power are well known for their mischievous ways, and they certainly haven’t failed to deliver this weekend. After a poor start to his season at Anfield, Mario Balotelli has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Failing to score a goal in

Adidas Bern OG City Series Reissue

Part of the iconic 1970s City Series range of footwear, the Bern has always been a sought after shoe and returning in an OG incarnation, that’s still likely to be the case. It  has a rich suede upper, all the original detailing, green accents contrasting the collegiate

Video: Euro ’16 Hungary & Romania POV Footage

Shocking video appears to have been taken at a bad-tempered Euro qualifier at Arena Națională in Bucharest – which was marred by violence on and off the field A violent clash between rival football hooligans  has been captured by one using a chest-mounted GoPro camera. The shocking point-of-view footage

Price of Football Calculator

This year’s BBC Price of Football study found that the average price of the cheapest match-day ticket in the top four divisions of English football is up 4.4% from 2013. The BBC contacted 207 clubs for the study. Of those, 176 were in England, Scotland and Wales