North Korea Wins World Cup Final 6-1

This World Cup has been a tournament full of upsets, and in the closing stages of the competition it had one more major surprise up its sleeve.Over the weekend North Korea released a YouTube video claiming that they had reached the World Cup final where they will play Portugal.

The report claims that North Korea’s brave side crushed Japan 7-0, USA 4-0 and China 2-0 in the group stages, before going on to reach the final.

This isn’t the first time that the communist state have delivered messages that completly contradict the truth and we doubt it will be the last.

Following the bizarre video TheLadBible decided to conjure up a match report for the World Cup final that never happened.

North Korea 6 Portugal 1

From the moment the match started it was far from a close contest. North Korea as expected dominated all parts of the game and came out 6-1 victors with Kim Jong-un scoring 4 superb goals and assisting the other two.

The leader, definitely lived up to the high expectations, and in front of a packed Maracana crowd he displayed one of the finest footballing performances of all time.

Before lifting the hallowed trophy, Kim Jong-un was rewarded for his efforts with the golden gloves (despite not playing in goal), the golden ball and the golden boot.

Immediately after Kim Jong-un started proceedings in the final his North Korean side charged at the Portugal goal.

Led by their talisman, captain, leader and top goal-scorer, Kim Jong-un, the North Korean’s played a number exquisite passes as they moved up the field.

The ball eventually arrived at Jong-un’s feet where he dazzled the crowd and opposition defender Pepe, with a number of step overs.

He then flicked the ball through the Real Madrid centre back’s legs before pinging a super shot into the top right corner from 37 yards breaking the netting and the record for the fastest shot ever recorded.

Kim Jong-un celebrated by whipping off his shirt and twirling it round his head in glee, exposing his perfectly sculpted muscular physique.

A shell shocked Portugal kicked off again but lost possession quickly after Kim Jong-un’s brilliant closing down.

After pinching the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo the North Korean leader sprinted down the wing at blistering pace before producing a perfectly whipped cross into the penalty area where Hong Yong-Jo headed home.

Inside 20 minutes it was already looking like damage limitation for the European side as North Korea were dominant in all facets of the game.

Just before half time Kim Jong-un managed to break free of the Portugese defense and cooly slotted home passed the spralling Beto, for his second of the game.

The half time whistle should have given Portugal time to re-group and conjure up a plan to stop the irresistible North Koreans, however when they returned to the pitch it was exactly the same as the previous 45.

Both the fourth and fifth goals of the game were very similar as Kim Jong-un picked up the ball in a deep position and used his Maradonna like dribbling skills to weave his way in and out of the trailing Portuguese defenders before taking on the keeper and tucking the ball home – adding further embarrassment to Ronaldo’s side.

The final goal for North Korea, which was the cherry on top of a very large cake, came after (you guessed it) Kim Jong-un won a free-kick 32-yeards out of the Portugal goal.

Referee Howard Webb made sure the wall was 10-yards before Kim Jong-un unleashed an unbelievable strike which thundered off the cross bar causing it to tremble for a couple of minutes.

Off the rebound midfielder Pak Nam-Chol headed in from close range to complete the route and send North Korean fans into pandemonium.

However, before time was up Cristiano Ronaldo won a free-kick on the edge of the North Korean box.

The Real Madrid superstar took a shot at goal which bobbled up off the turf and nut-megged goal keeper Ri Myong-Guk, who was left red in the face.

This embarrassing consolation goal left Ri Myong-Guk devastated and he has since gone missing.

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