Premier League Games Could Be Played Abroad In The Future

Official English Premier League matches could be played abroad within the next five seasons, according to reports from The Mirror.

Previous attempts to play a 39th game at the end of the season failed to materialise, but according to several sources, a full round of EPL matches could be stages overseas.Six years ago, chief executive Richard Scudamore proposed to play a ‘39th game’ internationally, however the idea was heavily protested and was trashed. However, sources have confirmed it is not impossible to see a new revised edition of the previous concept due to the global demand for Premier League football outside the United Kingdom.

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The elite clubs in the Premier League have asked the FA chiefs if there would be any opportunities to increase potential revenue ahead of the new broadcasting deal next year, with many of them noticing the massive 109,000 spectators filling the Michigan Stadium in a game between Real Madrid and Manchester United in the summer.

A big issue is, however, compensating for one club’s loss of hosting a home fixture, which could instead lead to a cup final played outside instead.

The Italian Serie A already play their Super Cup game abroad, with Serie A champions Juventus facing Coppa Italia winners Napoli in Qatar this coming December.

This for me, sums up the beautiful game we once called it. Even thinking about entertaining this idea is the end of football in my eyes. My suggestion is allow the big teams to isolate themselves into some new super league, have done with all the money and bollocks that comes with todays football and start again using the championship as the top league with a maximum wage cap. This is the only way we can get football back for the fans.


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