The Saturday Uniform

The casual culture began in the late 1970s after Liverpool F.C.and Everton F.C. fans introduced the rest of England to European fashions that they acquired while following their teams at European games. These fans returned to England with expensive Italian and French designer sportswear, most of which they looted from stores. They brought back many unique clothing brands that had not been seen before in the country. Soon, other fans were clamoring for these rare items such as Lacoste and Sergio Tacchini and unusual Adidas trainers.

At the time, many police forces were still on the lookout for skinhead fans wearing Dr. Martens boots, and paid little attention to fans in expensive designer clothing. Fashion trends frequently changed, and the casual subculture reached its peak in the late 1980s. With the arrival of the Acid house and Madchester music scenes, the violence of the casual subculture faded.

The expensive Itallian and French names helped the hooligans stay under the radar of the police this gave perfect time for “trouble making”. Other extremley popular makes of the hooligans include Stone Island, CP Company, and Armani. Most of the makes now asociated with football hooliganism can be found in stores all over the world, however these makes that people used to deem as classy now send out a different message mianly in the UK these clothes also make you extremeley noticable by police and also can make you a target for other violent football hooligans.

With all that being said there people who enjoy to wear this clothing and not cause trouble a lot of people do enjoy going to the match in the clothing not to send of a wrong message but because they still like the fashion.

By Eddy Parks

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