United We Fall: DVD Competition

ScholesGiggsNevilleNevilleButt and Beckham…The Class Of ’92 transformed a football team, won trophies and international caps and ushered in a new era for football… Forget them!

United We Fall we now meet HunterFallisKeeganKurtz and Amoako who ambitiously followed in their predecessors’ illustrious footsteps and were on the verge of matching their achievements in one record-breaking season… And failed…

This hilarious film follows the rise and fall of these five men in a comical spoof football mocumentary style film and captures the players as they try to figure out the question asked of another Manchester United legend, George Best: “Where did it all go wrong?” 

Racism, homophobia and philandering footballers all get a roasting in this great comedy about footballers gone bad. Not even the British Prime Minister or FIFA is spared!

The characters are brilliant, and remind us of the ‘original’ class of ‘92. There’s Olly Hunter, the bankable brand of the team; Danny Keegan, the millionaire socialist; Stevo Fallis, the dirty player and practical joker; ‘Kurtzie’, the German keeper with an obsessive personality and Kwasi ‘Modo’ Amoako, a Ghanaian who likes the high-life and lives a rapper’s lifestyle. He even released his own single and music video ‘Jump For Ghana’! Don’t ask!

The unraveling of their disastrous season is told in interviews with the players and, climactically, in a fantastically toe crunching reunion with the players – and their WAGs over lunch.

If you’re a football fan, especially of one of the Manchester teams, then this is one for you!


It’s out now on DVD courtesy of Metrodome.


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