Video: Chelsea Fans In Munich

Chelsea fans have been criticised for appearing to destroy a Munich restaurant back in 2012 after video footage was leaked on Sunday evening of an incident that took place in the hours before the Champions League victory four years ago.

The video shows a large group of fans standing around an outside area of a restaurant that had been destroyed, with broken chairs and tables littering the area. While the supporters sing Chelsea chants with some standing on tables, more chairs are thrown around while some can be seen casually drinking.

A second video shows a member of the restaurant’s staff looking at the mess created and walking around, before a shirtless man pushes him into the stack of table and chairs. The staff member responds by approaching the man with a bottle in his hand and grabs him by the neck, before the shirtless man punches him in the jaw as other fans separate the pair.

The videos, revealed by Twitter user @AlfieNoah, came in the wake of Chelsea’s 1-0 victory at Arsenal on Sunday night, and saw a number of fans from the north London club share them on social media while roundly criticising Chelsea supporters.

Fans from other clubs have also criticised those involved in the video.

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Along with the video, the Twitter user wrote: “Ahhhhhh man, just found this video from Munich, Germany.

“Wouldn’t be an away day without a scrap ladz [sic].”

The user also sent a message to Chelsea’s official Twitter account demanding £50,000 to remove the videos from the internet, though received no response.

Article by The Independent

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