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Watch: Police Sergeant Praises FLA March

As the mainstream media fails to acknowledge the 10,000 strong march against terrorism attended by football fans of multiple faiths and multiple races here we see a police sergeant praise the march and stated the lads (and lasses) were ‘doing it the right way’. The day went better

Can you name every single English Football League Champions?

Can you name the winners from England’s top football division since 1888-1889? Test your footballing knowledge and see if you can name every single winner of the English Football League since 1888-2016? This is a tough one.. (Quiz Loads Below)

Football Hooligans: Leeds/Birmingham 1985

11th May 1985, a date most commonly known for the Valley Parade Disaster in Bradford, but also known as the day St Andrews Turned into a warzone. Violence erupted on the terraces. Hooligans from both clubs invaded the pitch. The police tried to restore order on the

Panorama 1977: Millwall FC Hooligans

IN 1977, Millwall FC’s fans were the subject of a BBC Panorama documentary. Terrace hard nuts like The Halfway Line, the Treatment and the F-Troop, were glamorised. You want to make the club from the Second Division club form south-east London famous, then stick the fans on the magic box and get