Drinking on the way to away games could soon be illegal!


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Plans to ban the consumption of alcohol on all UK trains now seem to be picking up steam and the law could be enforced sooner than we think.

There has already been a ban on drinking alcohol on the tube, but now railway companies in Britain want to stretch that ban across the whole spectrum. Say goodbye to Saturday morning tinnies on the way to an away game!

You have the Rail Safety and Standards Board to blame for this, who are pushing the idea due to the number of people killed on the railways as a result of alcohol.


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However I’m inclined to imagine that a high number of those unfortunate deaths were people ALREADY wasted prior to boarding their train.

Pop mogul and railway enthusiast Pete Waterman was quoted as saying:

Most alcohol is not drunk on trains. It’s people coming out of office parties and abusing staff.

Ninety-nine per cent of passengers drink responsibly. It would be lunacy to ban alcohol on the entire network just because of a few problems on platforms. The answer is to stop drunks from entering the station in the first place.

British Transport Police said it’s a matter for the train companies, but they would enforce the law accordingly.

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